Catering Bielsko

Wirtuozeria Restaurant offers not only delicious cuisine inside,but also catering services in Biesko-Biała and vicinity. We deliver small snacks at the place required during your coffee break ,big meals and delicacies for elegant parties. We serve small groups and mass events.

You definitely enjoy the quality of meals delivered to your companies from our catering services. However Wirtuozeria Restaurant offers something more,because we add low prices to high quality of meals, flexibility of orders and high quality of catering service.

We take various orders from short coffee breaks with tasty sandwiches,business lunches in client’s place to mass service of corporation workers. Our manager’s experience facilitates arrangement of the proper menu for each opportunity in your company.

It is worth keeping in mind that ordering dinners for your workers in Wirtuozeria is really profitable

Should you have any queries about our services,please contact Mr +48 509 40 20 20. Queries do not cost you anything and can bring you profits for your company.